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Disgrace - Part 3

I really don't know why they've translated the title "Disgrace" to "Dishonor". There's a lot of phrases joking with the word Disgrace. Well, who knows! Keep reading if you want to know about the book "Disgrace" by J.M.Coetze.

The last post I thought that the book will describes more about David's voluntary work. I was wrong, again. What did happened astonished me. I will try to resume all the important events that happened. Remember that this book is write describing the David's point of view.
  • David and Lucy (his daughter) are baited by three man in the farm. They pretend to use a telephone to call a doctor. Lucy and one man enter in the house and the confusion begin.
  • The men lock the front the door and David realizes the bait. Run away and call one of the dogs to attack the robbers.
  • David enter in the house through the kitchen and he's knocked down by someone.
  • David woke up tied and locked in the bathroom. Cries for Lucy until the he realizes that his voice is a little bit insane.
  • The robbers try to kill David burning him alive. But he could save himself with the water in the toilet.
  • All the dogs in the farm are killed, besides an old dog that run away.
  • The robbers took the money, clothes, David's car and the rifle that was in the farm.
  • David didn't heard or see, but he suspects that his daughter was raped. (And yes, she was).
During the case, David feels how old and incapable he is. All the situation involved makes he feels insane and he grab the theory and literature to stay conscious. When I was reading this part of the book, the thought comes to my mind: What could I do in his place? Three man, probably more strong than me.. I'm tied, imagining someone I love crying because is being raped. Damn, this frightened me.

Here's come the plot twist. Lucy's attitudes changed, she's more quiet, less excited, more introverted and invasive. David try to make she feels better, but all his efforts are useless. It's interesting how similar are Lucy's attitudes with the student that David abuse in past. David describes one of his nights with the student that sound more like a rape than a love night. And now, his daughter acts similar. Lucy doesn't want to work on Saturday's market.

"David: Are you sure? It's a shame to miss a week.
She doesn't answered. She prefers to hide her face, and he knows the cause. Because she's in disgrace. Because she feels embarrassed."

Lucy's rape make David feels (softly) inside the skin of victim.

One suspect is their "neighbor". Petris was a guy that works with Lucy in the farm, he bought some hectare from Lucy's farm and still work for her. He was absent in the day that occurs the robbery. Petris comes back and throws a party to celebrate his new land, Lucy and David was invited. They went to the party and founds out that one of those men that assaulted their farm, was a friend of Petris. Lucy didn't want to make a scandal and left the party, David was furious and went to talk with the man, but he was stopped by Petris. David and Lucy goes back to the farm, and.. we will know more about it in the next chapters.

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